We believe... 

in training dogs using tried and tested methods. These are built around positive reinforcement with rewards that your dog loves. Every dog is different, so of course we tailor our program to suit your needs and get the fastest and longest lasting results. Training should be fun for you and your dog so we build each session around learning new skills through simple training steps that you can continue to use and enjoy for a lifetime.

About The K9 Knowledge

The K9 Knowledge is a short course developed by our Chief Trainer, Andy Neal. Covering topics such as how to keep your dog healthy and happy, how to understand why she acts the way she does and how to communicate with her effectively, the K9 Knowledge is delivered in a two hour session at the beginning of every Dog Tags Training course. 

Our Services

Puppy Training

From a few months to one year old, every puppy can benefit from a formal training program. We will come to your home and help you and your puppy achieve successful toilet training, happy walking and basic commands. Our Puppy Package is a 2 hour K9 Knowledge session and 4 hour long follow up sessions, ideally delivered within the space of a few weeks to kickstart you and your dog's understanding of each other and bring harmony to your home. Sign up for our newsletter to receive your free downloadable New Puppy Checklist now!


Adult Dog Training

Got a dog over 12 months old? It's never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks. Whether you've just decided it's time to encourage better obedience in your dog or you're seeing behaviours that you'd like to correct, we've got the help you need. All dogs aged 1 year and over must begin their training journey with an assessment (see below) which allows our trainers to design the perfect training regime to suit you and your dog. A typical adult dog training course consists of a 2 hour K9 Knowledge session and 6 hour long follow up sessions all based conveniently in your home. Depending on your needs, we may cover during this time topics such as basic commands, how to deal with visitors to your home, setting boundaries, sending your dog to it's bed and many more.

Dog Walking

Training/Behaviour Assessments

Assessment of your dog's behaviour and training needs is crucial to starting off your training on a good footing. The assessment session lasts between one and two hours during which our trainers can assess your dog's environment, relationship with other dogs and people in your home and what skills can be developed to get the best out of your four legged friend. After this we are in a great position to advise you on what you can realistically achieve with your dog and the next steps to help you get there.

Household Help Training

This is a new service we have designed to be more 'people training' than dog training and to give you the confidence that your dog is in good hands while you are away from home. Ideal for helping new hires get accustomed to your four legged family member or in preparation for leaving your dog at home while you're away. We can help your maid gain confidence in handling your dog, teach them cool games to prevent doggy boredom and how to avoid common mistakes that lead to dog bites. 

Mental Workouts For Dogs

With 4 one hour sessions, we can help you teach your dog new skills from 'play dead' to searching out items around the house with our short training courses specifically designed to tire out a dog's brain. Focusing on Advanced Clicker Training, Search Skills or Retrieve work, we teach you how to develop cool new skills in your dog. Great for dog and owner bonding and creating new party tricks, find ways to push your dog's abilities further than sit and stay. Some existing basic skills are required for entry to these courses - contact us to find out more. 

Specialist or Maintenance On-going Training 

If you have any specialist training requirements please do get in touch. We have experience of working with dogs in the most demanding of situations and you will find there are not many dog behaviours we haven't dealt with over the years. If you are looking for help in keeping your dogs skills top notch, we can also offer trainers to maintain your dogs training once the initial work has been done with special pricing for regular home visits. Find our details on the 'Get In Touch' page and tell us what you're looking for.