Emma Greenwood-Petrie

Managing Partner & Trainer

Having left behind a in the corporate world, Emma found her true passion in 2014 and embarked on her dog training career after working intensively with her own rescue dogs.

With help from experienced mentors and much hands on training she quickly impressed customers across the UAE. Her fun attitude and simple techniques mean Emma has quickly become one of Dubai's best loved puppy trainers. Also working with older dogs, Emma's skill lies in finding the best route to a happy and sustainable balance with dogs in the home. Emma especially enjoys working with dogs from shelters all over the country and believes that adopted dogs can be just as good pets as those with the pet shop price tag. 


In her spare time, Emma can usually be found alongside her husband and daughter playing in the garden with their 3 dogs Bella, Lily and Arthur or re-reading the Harry Potter books which inspired their names. 

Mark McFadyen

Trainer and Canine Consultant

Mark has been training dogs for over 30 years having extensive experience working German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, Labradors, Spaniels, Rottweilers, Cross Breeds and Gun Dogs.  Recently, he was sub-contracted to The British Government working with The French Immigration, where he trained body detection dogs and handlers to search for illegal immigrants.  

mark 2.jpg

 Mark trained pups to a tailored programme for The MOD (Ministry of Defence), The British Police, The British Government and Conservation Dogs in Africa.  He also trained dogs in the detection of ivory, arms, ammunition, lion and cheetah parts, elephant and buffalo meat.  During this time he also helped dog owners improve their pet's behaviours with one to one training classes. Since moving to Dubai, Mark's goal is to show UAE dog owners what their dogs are really capable of. 


When he’s not working, Mark believe’s there’s nothing better than family time. If only he had a boat to spend time with his family on, his life would be complete!