Our well being package for al barari residents


It all started when…

… Buster’s mum told us he was a grumpy dog. He would snap at his human siblings and his puppy brother. Buster needed what we all need sometimes - he needed to get out more. Since his flat face means he’s prone to respiratory problems, Buster needed his own personal trainer to help him get fit without putting him at risk. We put Buster on our specially developed well being program to help him get fitter and healthier. Now we help Buster get quality, safe exercise - he’s a happier, more relaxed dog which means a more relaxed family.

The well being of your dog cannot be left to your house staff. With our well being experts your dog will not just get a walk, they will get:

  • exercise tailored to their age, breed and fitness level which will in turn help behaviour in the home

  • advice on nutrition for behaviour modification and weight loss

  • regular health checks so even if you are away from home you can be sure that your dog is being taken care of

  • access to our private swimming facility for your dog

  • discounted training with our highly experienced trainers

We are currently only opening this service to residents in Al Barari. If you would like to arrange a consultation to see how this service could increase your dog’s quality of life please email office@dogtags-training.com